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Medysport is the brand of A.G.M. S.r.l., a company that produces and distributes clothing for figure skating and rhythmic, artistic and aerobic gymnastics.

The Medysport garments are produced exclusively with artisanal techniques and professional materials, which guarantee excellent quality of clothing and support the athlete’s movements during performance.

Customization of sports costumes and bodysuits

Medysport offers the customization of bodysuits and most of the garments through printing techniques that make them unique and original, ensuring resistance and aesthetic beauty that have always been tested by professional athletes.

Quality and reliability preferred by hundreds of gyms

The craftsmanship with which we make our bodysuits, with fabrics that adapt perfectly to the athlete’s needs, the ability to order even small quantities of garments and the precision in deliveries, have made us the preferred supplier of small and large gyms.
Associations, teams, gyms and independent sportsmen who practice amateur and competitive sports have already chosen Medysport production.

Medysport garments as you want

Medysport offers its customers the possibility to customize the models not only through the choice of fabrics and colors, but also with direct prints on fabric, thermo-applied prints, with handmade decorations and with the application of glitter and Swarovski stones.